Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TripAdvisor - Can You Tell the Heavenly from the Horrible?

We all use TripAdvisor - 24 million visitors a month compared to Frommer’s 2.5 million books a year - but do we use it well?

This is the question that Nancy Keates of the Wall Street Journal asks and answers brilliantly in her recent article “Deconstructing Tripadvisor”. Her advice on how to “study the reviewer”, find the up-to-date details and compare Tripadvisor to other review sites is excellent. She also provides insights into the company’s business model that will make you a better consumer of the service.

If you use TripAdvisor, and you should because it is a useful weapon in the travel information arsenal, you should read this article. Just read it quickly because the WSJ claims that since I have not paid for a subscription, the link will only be available to me, and hence to you, for one week from today. How silly is that.

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