Wednesday, June 27, 2007

London's Best Fish and Chips

Almost everyone who visits London wants to eat “real” fish and chips. NoCrowds fully supports this desire. To hell with endangered fish stocks and cardiovascular disease. When Jeff and I are in the mood for “the real deal”, we, like many Londoners, head for Fryer’s Delight in Holborn, not far from the British Museum.

Fryer’s Delight looks like a 1950s film set. The Formica, linoleum and unflattering lighting are divine. You can smell the place a mile away. Everything is deep fat fried in hearty smelling beef tallow. Everything is greasy. Yummm. In addition to traditional fish and chips, there are pies, sausages, pasties and just about anything you can think of that is politically incorrect and unhealthy. The prices are so cheap they make you laugh. A big piece of cod with chips is less than a tall skinny latte at Starbucks. During the day, the place is filled with office workers and at night a succession of London cabs pull up for take-away.

Fish and chips have been a staple of London’s working classes since Victorian times. In the days when “working” meant hard, physical labour, people valued calories and Fryer’s Delight has made no concessions to modern times or tastes. If you like your experiences authentic and your food heavy and greasy, you’ll have lots of fun at Fryer’s Delight.

n.b. Fryer’s Delight closes for the month of August (we like their attitude).

Fryer’s Delight
19 Theobald Road
Tel: 020 7405 4114
Tube stop: Holborn
Open Mon-Sat 12noon-10pm, takeway until 11pm


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