Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Compartir - Delightful Dining for the Disorganised

I don’t know about you, but the one thing I do not want to be on my summer holiday is … organized. That’s for the winter. Well, at least that is my aspiration for the winter. In summer, I want sunshine and spontaneity but for that, of course, you pay a price.  Back in the day, you couldn’t eat at the world famous el Bulli restaurant near Roses in Catalonia if you didn’t plan a military operation months or even years in advance. Annually, they would get over a million reservation requests for 8,000 covers. Those are not good odds.

But today, in the seaside town of Cadaques on the Costa Brava in Spain, where No Crowds has been holidaying for the last 20 years (you can read related posts here), three alumni of El Bulli have established Compartir, a fun, informal restaurant where we were able to book a table for 4 for lunch on 3 days notice.

And we were super-happy with our choice. We ate outdoors on the lovely terrace – buzzing but not frenetic.  Service was relaxed yet attentive and the young staff gave very good advice about navigating the menu. The food was interesting with lots of unusual – and delicious -  presentations of regional fare. The wine list was also interesting and very correctly priced. For lunch, calculate about €50 per head with wine.

So if you find yourself on the Costa Brava next summer and you want a great meal without all the strategic planning, head for Compartir in Cadaques. And yes, if I had been more organised, I would have written this post in August.

Riera Sant Vinc
+34 972 25 84 82

Photo courtesy of Compartir website:

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