Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm ready Bill Cunningham

It’s hot and sunny here. World Cup enthusiasm is in the air. It’s Friday and I am about to hit the streets of London. Get ready Bill Cunningham. But wait. He takes sartorial snaps on the streets of New York for the New York Times. There is absolutely no reason to dress for Bill Cunningham here in London.

Oh yes there is. I always choose my outfits for Bill. His women stride across New York ‘expressing their personal style’. They’re having fun. They’re confident, cool and interesting. I want to be part of that tribe, those confident and interesting urban creatures here in London. So I’ll try to dress the part - just in case.

Many years ago, Bill Cunningham took my picture (above) with my glamorous sister (on the left) at a society wedding. I put to you this: Bill Cunningham knew that we were the original New York gossip girls. No one at that wedding was safe from our withering comments. No TV show can compete.

So here’s to you Bill Cunningham and just in case, I want you to know that I’m off to the dentist on Wimpole Street. Best to catch me after I’ve had my teeth cleaned. I’m the one who looks like I’m ready.

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