Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Memories Write Back

Oh, the joys of blogging. How else can you publish a story and then one of the people you write about writes you back.

There I am, 6:30 am at my dining room table checking what came in over night. Doesn’t look too exciting. Wait. What’s this? Oh my God, it’s an email from Suzanne Dache, daughter of Lilly, and one of the heroines of my piece on the hat show at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The very same Suzanne Dache in whose shop I spent the afternoon trying on hats instead of selling computers ( Jim – my long suffering boss at that time – if you are reading this too, I’m sorry but it couldn’t be helped.)

“Thank you for your super kind and complimentary mention of my mother, Lilly Dache, in conjunction with Mr. Jones whose work she greatly admired. And thank you for remembering my store on 64th Street. You wrote so beautifully about the exhibit, I might just go to London to see it.”

Ah, the lonely hours spent writing my little stories have all come good. I am in correspondence with millinery royalty.

“My parents loved London, and March is their "Love Month" (Married March 13, 1931 in Palm Beach, celebrated 50 romantic years with friends, at La Coquille Club in l981.)They loved staying at Claridge's Room 144 and loved London fashion. I have dozens of photographs of London's street fashion, my father used to take in the 70's, when we went together.”

Can’t you just see it, Palm Beach in the 30’s, La Coquille Club in the 80’s, Room 144 at Claridges. The clothes, the hats … How glamorous. How romantic.

“Please extend my sincere appreciation to Mr Jones and those responsible for the exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m overwhelmed!”

Oh, for the love of hats. I’m overwhelmed too Suzanne, yes, I surely am.


  1. I'm currently taking a course for the Art Institute of California, and Im studying Lilly Dache, I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you

    1. You are so very welcome and lucky you to be studying Lilly Dache. The course sounds wonderful.