Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's Off to Work We Go

And we thought Heathrow was bad. That was until we read last Friday’s article in the Daily Telegraph about the rise of criminal gangs in Sweden using dwarves to steal valuables from the luggage of unsuspecting passengers.

According to Swedish police, gangs are hiding dwarves in luggage which is then placed in the storage compartment of long-distance buses. Once the journey has begun, the stowaways unzip the bag, rifle through the belongings, steal the goods, zip themselves back into the bag and wait to be collected by their partners in crime. They are reported to have made off with thousands of pounds of jewellery, cash and other valuables in recent months.

And if you think this only affects Swedes, the article cited the fact that Swebus, which transports thousands of holidaying Brits across the country, has also been targeted. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.


  1. They should get a Nobel for innovation. I went to a summer session at Uppsala Univ. and my experience with the Swedes is that they are so unimaginative - thanks to socialism - that it's dubious at best and more like fatuous to think they could pull this off. But to see in a more Phenomenologically way, what does one expect? Snow White?

  2. Well, the report did not specify if the criminal gangs were Swedes, just that the victims were. I share your sentiment that the perpetrators were ingenious and unlikely to be Swedish.