Tuesday, January 10, 2006

London's Answer to the January Blues

It’s January. I’m back in London and I’m stressed. Thank goodness help is at hand. In yesterday’s paper, the following headline caught my eye. “Art Gallery Visits Lower Stress Levels”. The article goes on to say that visiting a gallery may be an antidote to stress. In a Westminster University Study of 28 so-called “high fliers”, after 40 minutes at the Guildhall Art Gallery in London, their stress levels fell 45% and saliva samples were found to contain 32% less Cortisol stress hormones.

Well, I’m off to the Victoria and Albert Museum to do something about my Cortisol levels. On the way, I’m going to check out the Light Lounge at the Science Museum to make sure I don’t come down with SADS (Seasonally Effective Disorder). Based on the light cafes in Scandinavia where the sun seldom rises and suicide rates are high, the Light Lounge provides specially-designated light boxes, each about four times more powerful than summer sunlight.

After I’ve reduced my stress levels and done battle with SADS, I’m going to finish off with some retail therapy and a new pair of boots from the London sales.

January’s looking up already.

Photo: Clare Kendall from the London Daily Telegraph

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