Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Love Paris

I love Cole Porter and Cole Porter loved Paris. And he was right that every season is wonderful but I love Paris best in the late fall when the Parisians are out in force and the tourists, in large part, have departed. The light is low and romantic, the food is hearty, the new collections fill the stores and the cultural calendar is in high gear.

This year, my husband and I went for our late autumn visit with the added frisson, if one were to believe BBC and CNN, that France was in flames and curfews would keep us all locked inside. After 4 straight days of running all over the city using every form of public transportation, I can confidently say that central Paris was not on fire, I witnessed no disruption nor did I feel the least bit apprehensive.

It is the case that France has a complex and serious issue on its hands which will not be easily resolved but the current flash points for visitors to Paris remain in the northern “suburbs”. It is probably a good idea to avoid the train from Charles de Gaulle Airport that passes through the effected area and I would not visit the Basilica of St Denis, resting place of the Kings and Queens of France for the foreseeable future, but for anyone planning to go to Paris, fear not, this is still a fine time to go. And Paris remains, the most loveable of cities.

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